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Omagh Gardening Society

The Society shall be known as the Omagh Gardening Society.

Aims and Objectives


Aims and Objectives of the Society shall be:

a) To benefit and encourage amateur gardeners;

b) To organise meetings, lectures and demonstrations of interest to gardeners;

c) To hold Shows of Flowers, Fruit, Vegetables and Home Industries;

d) To stimulate interest in the art of Floral Arrangement;

e) To arrange tours of garden visits.


      1. The Society shall be known as the Omagh Gardening Society.

      2. Membership is open to all persons on payment of the Annual Subscription, which shall be determined by the Committee from year to year.

      3. A member shall be deemed to have resigned from the Society if the subscription has not been paid within twelve months after the termination of the year in which it was due.

      4. An Annual General Meeting shall be held in October each year, at which a Committee shall be elected and a Financial Report shall be presented.

      5. Management of the Society shall be in the hands of the Committee, comprising the following:

      i. Chairman;

      ii. Vice-Chairman (who normally becomes next year’s Chairman);

      iii. Honorary Secretary;

      iv. Honorary Treasurer and eight other members;

      At a Committee Meeting, a quorum shall consist of five members.

      All members of Committee to retire annually and all shall be eligible for re-election.

      6. The Committee shall have power:

      i. To elect Office-bearers and Press Correspondent;

      ii. To fill vacancies on Committee by co-option;

      iii. To co-opt two additional members if deemed necessary;

      iv. To form sub-committees.

      7. Alterations to the rules can only be made at the Annual General Meeting (or an Extraordinary General Meeting, pursuant to Notice of Motion signed by at least ten members). Members shall receive at least ten days notice of any such motion.

      8. The Society shall have power to grant Honorary Life Membership, such Membership to be approved at the Annual General Meeting.